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Enterprise Plan


  • Website Optimization + Mobile Optimization/ Or New Website Installation  

These services help businesses solve problems, reach more customers and drive growth. We go over each Page and Make Suggestions, Which includes applying existing logos + marketing graphics + Tablet/Mobile Friendly Version.

New Websites: This includes site goals, number of pages , language and web tools used (i.e. checkout/carts), plus forms, animations/graphics, and other specialized content. Web pages are created in  (html, PHP, VBScipt) on WordPress with demo ready for easy customization. For a clean/modern design, high quality photography of products, people, etc are necessary espanolfarm.com.

Is your website working hard enough for your business?

Determine Social Media Strategy:
Review with the Client the short term and long term goals in using social media. Create an overall plan for initial and on- going social media activities and responsibilities and for key messaging strategies.

Create/Update Accounts:
Create Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter or update any existing accounts as needed (i.e. improved profile images and descriptions). This includes applying existing logos and marketing graphics or creating original profile content if required.

  • Content Creation Turbo Pack 

2 Videos Reposts +2 Video Brand Story or 2-5 Minute Video on Site from Videographer Uploaded to Client Youtube (limited edits per video)
2 100- 400 word blog Post uploaded to website
Create 15  image content for social marketing2
Photography Shoot on Site of Product, Place, Service etc 5 Edited 10 Raw (limited edits per photo)

  • Email Marketing

Create a Platform and Create an Email List
Create 2 Email Blast

  • SEO + Digital Advertising

Allocate a Budget for Paid Marketing with Specialized Strategy while Increasing your Digital Rankings

  • Logo Creation

Every Great Business Needs a Logo for Brand Awareness so Lets Create One (limited edits)

  • Team Training Lunch on Specialized Program + Training Materials

We Believe it Takes Great Leadership but an Even Stronger Army to Truly be Successful. We not only get the team pumped with Delicious Foods but We Motivate and Educate. As Rev Eric Thomas says “Knowledge is the New Money…”

  • Free Business Evaluation

Let’s Find out where you stand on the digital scale with REAL NUMBERS on YOUR COMPANY

  • Cancel Anytime

As a subscription based Company like Netflix, You can Cancel Anytime. You can Cancel your subscription at any time. Once you cancel, you will still be able to use all your membership benefits until the the end of the billing cycle. Which is Great because your business should never be put on hold.


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